Artist Bio

Marissa Soroudi is a contemporary artist who lives and works in New York.

Her work reflects the convergence of her interests in female subjectivity and the human connection to nature, our deeper selves, and each other.

Soroudi’s process in creating a series of works consists of an immersive engagement and interaction with people across the world, a conscious exercise designed to deconstruct her own personal history.

She attempts to lessen the gap between her ego and the collective consciousness. Soroudi believes that testing her own boundaries and having a close connection with herself are both integral to her process.

The resultant work is a collection of experiences and experiments that take the shape of photographs, paintings, sculptures and videos that aim to express her understanding of the ‘other’, and through this a better understanding of humanity and of herself.



Design and production by Moulsari Jain
Essay by Lisa Paul Streitfeld
Printing by Drukkerij Koenders & Van Steijn, The Netherlands

A collection of photographs from UNSPOKEN. The design uses spot UV varnish to create a layer that is sometimes obvious and sometimes invisible, much like the veil itself.

Produced in a limited edition of 300 and signed.

Price $75 (103 available)

Please email to for all inquiries and sales.